Helping  you  get  the   sleep  you  deserve


Collin County Sleep Diagnostics understands that sleep is a personal and unique experience for every patient. You will find a comfortable and safe one-of-a-kind sleep center—one that mimics your normal sleep environment.


Sleep studies are painless and designed to encourage easy, normal sleep. When you arrive for your sleep study, a Collin County Sleep Diagnostics technologist will carefully prepare you for the study and attach probes to measure your breathing rate, oxygen levels, heart rhythm, brain waves, and the movements of your eyes, chin and legs while you sleep. The volume of your snoring will also be measured.

Before going to sleep you will also be fitted with a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) mask. Should the study reveal that you have sleep apnea, our technologist will wake you to test your sleep while wearing the CPAP and to determine the best airway pressure needed to manage your condition.

A physician will review your sleep study results and determine a treatment plan for you. When a CPAP or BiPAP is prescribed, one of our PAP specialists will assist you in finding the best equipment for your needs.


Most insurance policies cover sleep, studies and CPAP equipment. We accept Medicare and Medicaid and most private insurance policies. Below is a snapshot of some of our contracts. Please call us if you have any questions or need assistance understanding your coverage specific to sleep disorder treatments.

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